The Republic of Georgia

The Bridge has had a special relationship with The Republic of Georgia for several years.  Below are some of our current and past projects.

We are currently trying to raise money to help build a Youth Camp.

Youth Camp Plans

Georgia Bible Project

Bible Project Pictures

1 Handwritten John 2 Handwritten Acts 3 handwritten bibles Bible 1 Bible 2 Bible 3 Bible 4 bible 5 Bible 6
Bibles team Bibles7Gurjani
Gurjani 1Gurjani 3Gurjani 2 Gurjani 4 Gurjani 5 IMG_6304_1024 IMG_6312_1024

Navazar 1 Navazar 2 Navazar 3


Sachkere 1Sachkere 3sachkere 2 Sachkere 4 Sachkere 5


Telavi 2 Telavi 3 Telavi 6

Telavi 7telavi 9Telavi 4 Telavi 5

Zestafoni crowd

IMG_0830_1024 IMG_0834_1024 IMG_0836_1024 IMG_0837_1024 IMG_0838_1024 IMG_0839_1024 IMG_0840_1024 IMG_0841_1024